5 Reasons Why Neighbours are Important

There is tons of research that says that knowing your neighbours is the best thing you can do for a better life. Here are just 5 reasons why know your neighbours is a good thing.

We live longer

Knowing your neighbours reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, depression and anxiety. It prevents death from chronic diseases

We are Healthier

Our health is directly related to social connectedness with people who live close by. We Improve your ability to recover from stress, anxiety, and depression,  We have healthier eating, physical activity, and weight, We improve sleep, well-being, and quality of life, We reduce your risk of violent and suicidal behaviors.

We are Safer

We feel safer when we know who we can trust and who we can not trust. The best way to know, is to get to know the people who live near you. And once you do, you can look out for each other, notice when something strange is going on and be there for each other when you need help.

We are Happier

The biggest determinants of happiness are people you have regular social connectedness with, a sense of belonging and people nearby who care about you.

Help when you need it

Whether it is help getting the pickle jar lid off or help during a disaster, it is nearby when you have the relationships with people who live nearby.

We are here to help you build connected neighbourhoods




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