A Close Call Averted

In early June of 2023, over 200 Nova Scotian homes burnt to the ground. In one of these home was a couple taking care of the older parent with Alzheimers. The fire was raging toward their house and they struggled to get their uncooperative father out. In desperation, they fled the house while  calling 911.

The emergency measures people arrived fifteen minutes later. They got Alzheimer father out of the house and into their truck just in time to see the house go up in flames.

Luckily, no one was hurt and the young couple did everything they could. But it was close – real close.

What would of this story been like if the neighbourhood had been connected with the Good Neighbour App? Besides calling 911, they put out a notice saying we need help getting Dad out of the house? Would a good neighbour have been there to help and things wouldn’t have been so close to a disaster?

The Good Neighbour A[pp is there for help and social connection, whether there is a disaster or on ordinary days.



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