An Opportunity for Better

Where is COVID 19 Taking Us? 

There is lots of speculation as to how the world will be when we come out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. No one really knows how it will be, but the general consensus is it won’t be the same. 

We have been learning lots of lessons because of the pandemic, the chief one being how vulnerable we are when we lose the social support of our community. We are relearning that community is central to our very existence and our sense of humanity. 

For decades now, our world has been on a grand social experiment. In this experiment, we have been told that all that matters is wealth as measured by GDP and we are responsible for our own personal and independent happiness. That if we increase our wealth, we will have greater independence, wellbeing and happiness. We now know that our wellbeing and happiness is interdependent on our relationship to community and our neighbours. 

Over the last 30 years, our wealth as a nation has doubled, our wellbeing has hardly changed and our overall happiness has declined. The statistics that support this come from Statistics Canada, University of Waterloo, Angus Reid and the United Nations.  

As much distress as COVID 19 has given us, it has also given us the opportunity to choose new priorities. The question is: when we come out of the pandemic, do you really want to return to our old normals?.  

Let’s use this opportunity and use it wisely. A change of this scale and magnitude will determine our future. 

What most of us want is pretty simple 

We want: 

  • Enough to eat, shelter, education and basic transport.  
  • Social Connections that bring us love, humour and comfort 
  • Belonging to a community where we can share common values and experiences 
  • People Caring for us and us for them so that we can find meaning, and comfort in knowing someone will be there for us if we need them 
  • Safety that comes from being able to trust the other people who live nearby because we know them. 

Most of us would say that when we don’t have to worry about basic needs, we have strong relationships, we belong and are accepted into our community, we know others care about us and we feel safe; life is pretty good – we can be happy and content with our lives. 

We have the opportunity to reset our societal priorities -from efficiency and productivity to the humanity of community. Let’s not forget the practices that we have put in place of caring for each other and combine this with the use of technology and innovation as tools for increasing our wellbeing and happiness. 

Let’s embrace the opportunity and

Here is how you can do it. 

The first and most important thing is to accept that you and I are part of the solution. Only we, as engaged citizens can change how our communities work. Only we can create social connections, belonging and caring. Only we can notice our neighbours struggles and reach out with compassion. The first and most important thing is to accept our responsible role in our community. 

The second thing is to know you are not alone. Opening up a conversation about these foundational principles for our wellbeing and happiness will quickly show that most other people share these values, even if they do not act on them well. 

The third thing is to engage our community in a bigger conversation that is hopeful and positive – A we can do this…” conversation. 

I know this is easier said than done. But it starts with us individuals in our own community. To support you in taking the initiative, we have created the online workshop called Reconnecting Communities. You can find out how to participate in this workshop here. 

We have also created some Free tools that you can access on our website. 

What is important is we move from passive talk, to engaging action that includes the other citizens in our community.  

We are building a movement that resets our norms from the focus on productivity and busyness to making our communities places that support our humanness. It involves a little bit of action from a lot of people. Together we can be part of changing our world for us and for our children.  

If you want to be part of this, send us an email from our website. 

If you need help, we are here. If enough of us do this, we can change the neighbourhoods and communities that we live in, one community at a time. We can change the world.  

All we need to do is start, and we can start now. 

We are leading the change locally and globally  and we are here to help you. Reach out to us and tell us what is on your mind. Join the conversation 

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