Being a Happy Community with Corona Virus

The main purpose of the Happy Community Project is to deepen the culture within our communities for fellow citizens to take care of each other. We are going through a test period of why that is important.

There are people who are in self-imposed isolation and others who are in quarantine. Soon there will be many more.

How do they get their basic needs taken care of? How do they get social interaction without violating their isolation? How do they pick up prescription renewals? How do they get someone to pick up a few things at the grocery store?

Others are suffering financially, their businesses, homes and ability to feed themselves are at risk. How do they get the support they need?

We as a society are coming to understand that we are dependent on each other. There is no “I take care of me – You take care of you!’. There is no ‘they should…’, It is up to each of us to take care of each other. There are no government agencies who can solve these problems.

It’s up to us to not  just stay away from each other, but also to reach out to each other.

This is even more true for those who do not have strong social connections. It is up to us to look out for each other, beyond the people who we are close to.

We get to decide what kind of community we want to be.

Younger sister offers comfort to her big sister after a fall.

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