Brilliance is finding a simple way of making an important difference.

The Happy Community Project has launched two new projects and the Happy Community Radio Show. Each are making a big difference in their own way. Even though it is summer, lots is happening in the Happy Community Project.

Sackville has just launched the Garden Exchange Project.

The Garden Exchange Project is a creative new Action Project that brings people together in a fun and ongoing way. Community members will come to an event in early September (date to be confirmed) where they will receive a free herb planting and have access to expert gardener Dave McLearn. Dave is an amazing man who can make growing anything simple and easy for anybody. In the following months, people will have the opportunity to come together for an herbal exchange. At the herbal exchange, members of the community can share their herbs and other growings with each other, make new friends and have a lot of fun in the process. Brilliant!!!

Needham Halifax is just launching the Wheels to the Market Project.

The idea is simple. Let’s provide the transportation so elderly and disabled citizens can come to the bi-weekly North End Mobile Food Market. This service not only provides people with limited mobility access with healthy and affordable food. It also brings them to a social gathering event where they can interact with the other citizens of their community and enjoy the festivities and entertainment.  This project starts August 12th. Brilliant!!!

The Happy Community Radio Show is on the air.

Ashley Taylor and myself have just aired our first show.  If you have heard it, drop me a line and tell us what you think, and what you would like to hear about.

The show is on the air every Wednesday at 12:30 AST and can be heard live on the internet here. 

If you missed the show, you will be able to hear the podcast as soon as someone shows me how to set them up.

Next week we will be chatting with Dr Kathleen Kevany and the role of sustainable food for happy communities.

It’s a Learning Curve

It’s taken us a bit to work out the process on how to get Action Projects off the ground. Now we have an efficient process that assesses viability and bring ideas to reality. The goal is each Happy Community Project can support a large variety of projects that involves the whole community.

Here is a list of upcoming Happy Community Project meetings.

If you can, join in and get a first hand look at how easy it is to contribute to the wellbeing of your community.

Aug 14 – Windsor HCP – Windsor Community Center 7:00PM

Aug 14 – Sackville HCP – 11 Glendale Ave 6:30 PM

Sep 6 – Needham HCP – NSCC Leeds St 6:30 PM