You Can’t Keep a Good Idea Down

The thing about good ideas is you never know where they will show up next. They seem to have a life of their own.

When we were first exploring the ideas behind the Happy Community Project, we did some trial projects in Sackville Nova Scotia and in Needham in the North End of Halifax. We learned a lot in these projects and then took our learnings to Windsor NS. It has been a great success and has caught the attention of several universities, government agencies and research institutes.

In the meantime, we put both Sackville and Needham on hold. 7 months later, both Needham and Sackville have come back to life. Sackville is planning a major new launch on May the 7th led by Jason Craig. And Pauline Peters, Charles Bull and Brian Fraser have taken the ideas and reworked them into a potluck which brings the citizens of the Northern part of North end Halifax together for potluck dinners. The first one was held in February and they had such enthusiasm for the idea that they are now planning it as a quarterly event – the next one being May 12th.

Even more exciting, other communities in the Halifax area have noticed what is happening in Needham and are starting their own community gathering events.

You can’t keep a good idea down.

Most of us are aware that for our own general well being and the resiliency of our communities, we need strong social connections and the sense of belonging that comes from doing meaningful things together. It’s a simple idea – let’s do things together and we will be happier and better off then if we stay isolated from each other.

As simple as the idea is, people often feel in this world of busy-ness, government regulation and technology, that it is just too much to get the ideas off the ground. Yet when people like Jason, Pauline, Charles and Brian see the projects in action, they experience how powerful the ideas are and how simple it can be to make big things happen.
You can’t keep a good idea down.

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