Covid, Community and Education

Covid has disrupted most things in our lives including how we look at education. Most people will agree that an important part of education is sharing the personal relationships with peers, no matter what level of education we are experiencing. This is true from day care through public school to university and into adult education. We learn as much or more from our peers as we do from the instructor at the front, and in the process, develop strong supportive personal bonds with peers.

This of course has been disrupted as we struggle to find the balance between physical distancing and social interaction.

Perhaps this provides us with the opportunity to find new ways of thinking about education. There is an old saying that it takes a community to raise a child. In modern times, we have mostly forgotten about this as we have delegated so many responsibilities to government and private organizations and we have isolated ourselves from the support of our neighbours. But perhaps this is a time to rethink the role of our community in the education of our youth.

At the Happy Community Project, we have become world experts at supporting local citizen led initiatives to create projects that connect the community together and create greater self-reliance. Perhaps you have an idea of how your community can support the education of our children? Perhaps the idea is a different way of thinking about things and needs the support of other community members? Perhaps you need support, process and confidence to engage your community in your idea?

The Connected Community workshop is designed to provide this kind of support. It consists of three one-hour sessions on Zoom plus coaching support that will make your ideas come to reality. It has proven track record and has created some amazing results around the world. If you have an idea, explore how the Connected Community Workshop can help you. We make it a Free Will Offering so that there are no financial barriers.

You can learn more about the Connected Community Workshop here


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