FAQs- The Happy Community Project


What is the Happy Community Project?

Based on research and experience, we have developed process that increases a community’s wellbeing and resiliency. The Happy Community Project provides communities that want to increase their happiness and resiliency with a simple process that brings communities together around common purpose.

Why is the Happy Community Project important?

As we move deeper into the age of disruption, it is the strength and resiliency of our communities that can provide us with the capacity to roll with the punches and come up smiling. The Happy Community Project is designed to increase the capacity of the community for happiness and resiliency.

How does the Happy Community Project work?

We provide a process and the citizens of the community apply the process in whatever way think is best. The process brings out the creativity and energy of a community and focuses it on building the social connections within the community that form the foundation for wellbeing and resiliency.

What are the goals of the Happy Community Project?

Using the principles we have developed out of the research from experts in community psychology, community building and social physics, our goal is to enable communities to self-determine their own sense of happiness and resiliency. We believe that the citizens of a community know more about what can increase the capacity for happiness and resiliency in their own community. Our goal is to provide the community with process that enables them to be self-reliant in determining their own destiny.

What does a project look like?

The project can be about almost anything, but they do share a few common characteristics.

  • Successful projects emotionally engage the members of the community
  • Bring diverse people together
  • Doing small fun things together
  • Over a sustained period of time
  • Getting to know each other in new ways
  • Providing positive feedback
  • Creating social pressure to belong

What is expected of me as a member of the Happy Community Project?

As a member of the community, you are expected to belong to the community. That’s it. Of course real belonging means getting to know your neighbors while doing things with them that contributes to the community. The thing is though, you are only expected to do what you like doing and only as much as you want to. There are no obligations.

How much does it cost me?

There are no financial expectations or obligations, it is unlikely anyone will ask you for money. The real cost is showing up when you can, having some fun doing something meaningful with your neighbors. Of course, this returns many more benefits to you.

Who can participate?

All people have something to contribute to the community and are welcomed and encouraged to belong. In fact, the more different kinds of people who are participating, the richer the outcomes are for all of us.

How do I become part of the happy community Project?

Simple – show up and have some fun and inspiration. Come to a meeting or a work event, participate with us on social media, start up conversations with others about what is going on at the Happy Community project


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