From Idea to Momentum


The Happy Community Project Gains Momentum

In an age of disruption, where are people going to find a happy place? When environmental, economic, social, political or technology disruption visits upon us, how can we roll with the punches and come up smiling. Many people are asking these questions.

The Happy Community Project has gone from an idea into real momentum.

The Happy Community Project comes out of 4 years of intensive research and experiment on how we build the capacity for these kind of communities. The bottom line: When communities are highly socially connected through face to face contact and shared actions, they have the foundation for happiness and resiliency.


That is what is happening in Sackville Nova Scotia. In only two months, they have started to build a solid base of citizens who bring energy, creativity, expertise, experience and leadership. There is a growing momentum of people becoming involved in something that is fun and inspiring and yet does not require anyone to do anything more than they want to. In just two months they have started to develop three incredible initiatives.

  • The Community Garden Project
  • The – Discover Sackville’s Hidden Secrets Project
  • Share Our Grandmothers Best Recipes Project

In addition, there several organizations and businesses have come forward with support. For example 97.5 FM Community Radio has offered to provide a home base in their newly built community cultural center.

Even More Momentum

Even more magical, is that other communities are asking how can we bring this to their community – and so the idea is spreading.

For example, Windsor Nova Scotia is just launching their own Happy Community Project. They are bringing people together in a Story Circle at the local library where they get to know each other through shared stories, laughter and tears. In the process they strengthen the social connections across diversity that are so important for building trust, belonging, meaning, fairness and resiliency within the community.

You Have Something to Contribute

Everyone has something to contribute to our community and no one has to do more than they want to. The thing is though, it’s fun and inspiring. And what is really important is that communities don’t leave any one out – everyone is connected within the community. Join in on it and come to the next event or learn more about it on Facebook



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