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The Happy Community Project in Hants West continues to make a big difference for our community. There are over 200 people all pitching in to make projects where people can come and do things together.

What is exciting is that every day, more and more people are hopping onboard or asking how can they get involved. Our community has come alive with energy. Most people want to make a difference for their community and many are looking to the Happy Community Project as a way to do that.


We started off with some really big projects like Community Market, Community Garden, MAKERS, Ellershouse Breakfast, Tour de Hants, Youth Hangout and Avon Regional Food Centre. Each of these projects is already real or coming into reality. So we at the Core Group have been asking ourselves some questions about ‘what’s next?’.

How can we include more people in participating in the Happy Community Projects? After all, we are at our best as a community when everyone is socially connected throughout the community.

The answers aren’t obvious – after all, there are now 8 projects covering a broad spectrum of ideas and at least a couple of project meetings a week that people could attend – meetings that aren’t just idea meetings, but meetings where real stuff is getting done. And yet we are asked daily how can I get involved? The most common thing we hear is “I wanted to go to a meeting but they aren’t at the times I can”

So here is how we have been thinking. We have been thinking about three big ideas.

Let’s ask you what you want

The simplest way you can get involved is tell us who you are and how you want to be part of the Happy Community Project. Click here and tell us how you want to be involved. It takes just 2 minutes and it will help a lot.

Start smaller Action Projects and meet at a different time:

There are lots of ideas for smaller projects – projects like dog walkers, or singing clubs, or clean up crews or piano on the street. These are easy to organize and easy to do. What’s your idea.

Bring it to the community On Feb 26th, we are going to start putting your ideas into action. We thought we’d pick a different time of day for those people who can’t meet in the evenings. Join us at the family Resource Centre in the Windsor Mall Monday Feb 26th from 10:30 to 12noon and we will see what else we can make happen

Let’s Celebrate

We have accomplished a lot – lets bring the whole community together for a celebration. So we have chosen May 27th as the Happy Community Project Celebration day. Our goal is all 15,000 of us show up and show that we are one big happy community.

Now its going to take a bit of planning and doing to make this work. If you believe we should have a celebration” here’s how you can get involved.

Join the We Celebrate Happiness Action Group and get stuff done.

Here is how you can be part of the Happy Community Project Celebration

Join or lead the:

Steering Committee

Food Committee

Entertainment Committee

Games Committee

Venue Volunteers Committee

Getting stuff together committee

Set up committee

Clean up committee
get involved – tell us what you want.
It takes a community to make a happy community. What do you say? “Should we do this?”

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