A Good Idea Picks Up Steam

The goal of the Happy Community Project has always been to scale up the process so any community anywhere in the world will have access to it. To do this, we have been making some important strategic partnerships.

The process of the Happy Community creates Action Groups where citizens get to know each other by doing things together. What better way to do this than in a financially sustainable and entrepreneurial way.

The Sobeys School of Business has partnered with the Happy Community project to bring their Pipeline process to all our Happy Community Project. This is a great opportunity where Ross Arsenault and Carl Archer of Saint Mary’s University bring resources, skills and ideas to create entrepreneurial solutions for social problems.  In the process, the community has great new resources to come together around. We are proud and excited to launch the Pipeline initiative this fall in our Happy Community Projects.

There is more

We are looking at two other exciting opportunities with Saint Mary’s University that will make the Happy community project national in scope and be supported by strong technology.


We have also been talking with Engage Nova Scotia, a government funded NGO whose mandate includes the building of resiliency in communities through strengthening social connections. They have brought support and ideas that is enabling the Happy Community Project to expand in more effective ways.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

 Below the surface there are many other things that are propelling the Happy Community Project and I look forward to sharing them as they evolve.  Each day I get the support and encouragement from many people who want to see the Happy Community Project succeed. But what is most exciting is people are realizing that their destiny is in their hands and the best way to fulfill it is to belong to a strong, socially connected community where we can take care of each other. This desire to put the wellbeing of our community in our own hands is what is taking the Happy Community Project to new opportunities.

Sometimes I am asked what can I do to help? It’s simple, help make the Happy Community Project work in your community. Reach out to us for support. We will guide you through the starting steps. If the Happy Community project is already in your community, get involved.

It is every citizens responsibility to contribute to your community’s wellbeing. This means finding little things that help bring people together and help take care of each other.

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