Something Magical is Happening in Sackville


The Sackville Happy Communities Project met again last night. (Jan 31 2017) We are now almost 40 members strong of which 12 people rolled up their sleeves and started to define what activities could bring greater happiness and resiliency to the community of Sackville. They divided up into three working groups and here is what they found.

Three Great Ideas


  • Celebrate Sackville by discovering our own unknown wonders inside our community
  • Set up geocaching to explore hidden secrets
  • Create healthy competition between neighborhoods 
  • Include multigenerational
  • Perhaps expand to other celebrations like Winter Carnival


  • We can grow our own food
  • Anybody can grow and anybody can eat
  • Include business like Sobeys to provide resources
  • Inclusive through organic networking where people make small contributions of effort
  • Independent of need for financing 
  • Grassroots and inclusive


  • Based on successful project in East Preston
  • Kids learn to cook
  • Share recipes
  • Share grandmother stories
  • Collected into a cookbook
  • Story based
  • Invite diversity to contribute
  • Appreciated both within the community and out
  • People do their own thing together instead of outside

Making a Happier and More Resilient Community

These are three great ideas that bring people of the Sackville community together through shared actions. In the process people get to know each other, learn what they are capable of, learn to trust each other and depend on each other. That is how we make a Happy Resilient Community.

Lessons learned

The lessons that come from these ideas.

  • Sackville is a great community
  • We can find simple things that connects our community together
  • It doesn’t take a lot of money
  • When it includes everyone, the efforts are spread around
  • It is fun and exciting

What about Money? One of the interesting things that showed up for me is that although these projects do not need a lot of money, two organizations in the group offered financial support.

We can do this.

Our next meeting will be February 22nd in Sackville (I will let you know the location) from 6:30 to 8:00 

Register and more details here

This is an exciting process and it gets to be even more exciting as more people from the community become part of it. I hope to see you there and please invite others to join us – .

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