The Happy Community Project Continues Momentum

It’s been a few weeks and I thought it was time to give you an update, but first, thank you. I am truly grateful for the support and interest you have given to the Happy Community Project. It is through your interest and support that the happy Community Project is such a success.

We are launching the first Pipeline Projects in Sackville and Windsor

We have partnered with Sobey’s School of Business with their Pipeline Project – a process for guiding people with passion and caring to create a business that solves social problems for communities and pays them with profits. on November 8th  in Sackville and November 9th in Windsor will be launching the Pipeline project with candidates who want to make a difference and get paid. If you are interested, here are the details.

Enactus creates the Happy Community Project App

An Enactus group of 6 brilliant students from Saint Mary’s University have adopted the Happy Community project as their project. Under the leadership of Carl Archer, their focus is to develop the Happy Community Project App that will increase communication within communities while providing a revenue stream to support the Happy Community Project. It looks like it is in early stage for solidifying the ideas around the project and I am very excited as to what they might come up with. They have brought a whole new way of looking at and adding value to what the Happy Community Project goals.

Sobey’s School of Business Partners to develop our Social Impact Tool

Sobey’s School of Business has invited the Happy Community Project to partner with the Impact Lab to develop a measurement process to measure level of belonging of individuals within a specific community. We will launch the project in January. It is a huge opportunity to develop a solid feedback tool as to whether the Happy Community Project is having any effect inside a community.

A Bigger Impact

We tried a different approach to launching Happy Community Projects in our October 19 launch in Windsor. Instead of trying to build it around a small group of individuals, we put on a major marketing campaign, got press coverage etc and attracted 50 people to the initial launch. This has resulted in creating an exciting buzz within the community, a very active Facebook group and the creation of 8 grass root ideas for increasing social connection within the community. We put ideas into action on November 9th.

One of the notable outcomes is the significance of their ideas. They have gone way past small social interaction events to major projects, such as creating social activity center for all citizens, rebuilding the farmer’s market and creating a cultural hub. It will be interesting to see how these unfold within the community.

Moving into Scalability

One of the main goals of the Happy Community Project is to find a path forward that is financially sustainable while supporting scalability. I have been getting new unsolicited inquiries for the Happy Community Project at the rate of 1 every 2 weeks. This has helped me to clarify the financial model for the Happy Community Project.  So I am committed that all future new projects will provide for financial sustainability and scalability.

Scalability means more people

This plus just the ever increasing work load of building the business and maintaining relationships has developed the need for hiring staff. The challenge is how to do this before the cash flow shows up. I have been exploring this from different angles and am committed that the Happy Community project will not be dependent on grants. One of the ideas I am exploring is to partner with an organization who shares a similar mandate. This seems to be baring fruit and I expect to have more news in the next short while.

The Happy Community Radio Show is gaining more traction.

Every Wednesday at 12:30 AST (11:30 EST) we host the Happy Community Radio Show where we have conversations from a broad range of perspectives with people who care about the well being of our communities. You can listen live .   If you would like to be on the show, we can do skype or telephone interviews anywhere in the world. Just let us know.

Lots more happening

There are of course many other irons in the fire, but this is the big news items.  Thank you  for  your support. I welcome your thoughts and ideas. If we take it for granted that things will always be good, we may be disappointed. If we each live up to our responsibility as citizens and make sure our social connections are strong in our  communities where we live, we can be optimistic for our future.

Drop us a line with your thoughts or how we can help you.

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