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Making the World Happy

Lots is happening at Reshaping Our World.

More and more research is stating that real happiness only comes when we are connected with people we can touch. Handshakes, pats on the back and hugs are an important part of our knowing we belong, feel safe and are doing something meaningful and can’t be replaced by an emoticon.

The Happy Community Projects

The Happy Community Projects are gaining traction. They are increasing both the depth and breadth of our social connections in communities. When we live, work and play in communities where we enjoy strong social networks, then we can also know that we are there to take care of each other. It’s in that kind of environment that we can find real happiness, happiness that is deep rather than superficial and fleeting.

So here is what is happening.

The Sackville Happy Community Project

After only 4 meetings, the Sackville Happy Community Project is making big decisions that is increasing the capacity for happiness in their community. They are putting together an incredible system that will make it easier for people to do things together and in the process, expand the social connections in the community. The momentum is inspiring. You can see the details here.

The Windsor Story Circle

The Windsor Story Circle is another Happy Community Project. Through sharing stories, they are connecting young people with adults, having a lot of fun and getting to know each other. There was a lot of laughter last night. Take a peek at the stories here.

Happy Community Project is expanding.

As other communities see the potential of how the Happy Community Project can bring wellbeing, happiness and resiliency to their community, they are reaching out to see how it can work in their community. I am in conversation now with three new communities who want to know how it can work for them.

Thank you for following what we are doing. If your curiosity is awakening, reach out and contact me. There is no obligation, only the possibility of strengthening another important connection.

All the best


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