The Happy Community Project Wednesday Feb 22nd


This Wednesday we are getting together at FM 97.5’s cultural center at 11 Glendale Drive Lower Sackville and I am excited to see what happens.

The goal of the Happy Community Project is to create and strengthen social connections by doing things togeher. Happy miracles can happen when we are connected with each other.

I have listened to hundreds of stories people who found themselves by bad luck or bad genes on the road to unhappiness for themselves and those around them. Often these stories involved violence, drugs or desperation. And yet somehow these lucky people managed to escape the path in front of them. The common thread to each of these person’s story is that someone – a friend, a teacher, a neighbor or a stranger – touched them in an act of compassion, and gave them what they needed. They felt valued and that they belonged. Often the person who touched them had no idea of the impact they had.

We have three great ideas for projects that can bring our community together where miracles can happen. Perhaps other ideas will show up.

In our next get together, we are going to start turning ideas into results.

If you haven’t been to one of our meetings yet, come on out – you have something important to add.

If the idea intrigues you and you can’t make it – reach out to me – I’d love to have a conversation.

Learn more here

All the best and many smiles


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