What is Happening at Happy Community Projects

As summer slows down, the Happy Community Project picks up speed. The goal of the Happy Community Project is to enable every community to develop the foundation for Happiness, no matter what happens.

Hurricane Harvey in Texas, brush fires in California, forest fires in British Columbia and Manitoba all show us the limitations of depending on government and other NGOs to solve our problems. They also show us our capacity to take care of each other and our inherent instincts to do so.

This ability to take care of each other becomes stronger

When we practice looking out for each other every day in our daily lives, our communities become stronger and more resilient. That is what the Happy Community Project is about. We create simple projects where people can do things together with and for each other.

So Here is What is happening in the Happy Community Project.

Sackville is launching the Plant Exchange

The first Plant Exchange is on September 9th  from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM. It’s a simple idea, people come together at Acadia Park and share their surplus plants and produce from their gardens. People who are interested in starting, get free plants to take home. In the process, people share a few laughs and make common bonds. No obligations, no fees, just community sharing spirit.

Needham is meeting on September 6th

The Needham Happy Community Project is putting the final touches on the car pool service to bring our elderly and mobility challenged to the Mobile Farmers market. This is a great social event with lots of music and entertainment which gets people mixing it up. Again, no obligations, no fees, just people coming together to be part of the community. Come on out to the NSCC Leeds street 6:30 on Sep 6th

Windsor Nova Scotia is making plans

Windsor wants to start their Happy Community Project a mega event October 19th. The idea is the whole community comes together to share ideas and create projects that includes every citizen of the community. This is exciting because it has the support of many of the community leaders and citizens who see this as just what our community needs. This is in the early planning stage and more details soon.

Happy Community Radio Show. Every Wednesday at 12:30  Ashley Butler and I host the Happy Community Radio Show on 97.5 FM.  There are stories, ideas, and inspirations from local activists to academic experts to caring citizens all working to make our world a happier place. Catch the show live streaming or listen to our podcasts of our past shows. If you have an idea you want to share, reach out and there is a ready invitation waiting for you to come on the show.

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