I Am the People We Have Been Waiting For

Recently, a good friend shared an idea that originates with Edward Snowden.

But first some background.

The phrase “We are the people we have been waiting for” originated in England as a call for change. There is great truth in this phrase. All great change initiates with us common grass root citizens. We have the power to initiate or stop change. The Arab Spring started with ‘We are the people’.  Environmental change happens at the pace that we the people enable our politicians and businesspeople to make. And Black Lives Matter is a movement of ‘We are the people’

But the problem with ‘We are the people’ is we are waiting for the people who are waiting for us. All good initiatives start with someone.  Margaret Mead famously said

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Change starts with someone who brings together a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens.

Snowden’s twist on the ‘We the people” phrase captures these ideas beautifully and powerfully. He stated “I am the people we have been waiting for.” There is no one else, it is up to me to initiate the change I have been waiting for.

But it is onerous and scary to be the person who says “I am the people we have been waiting for.”

At the Happy Community Project, we believe it is every person’s responsibility to be a contributing member of their community. But we also know that to initiate change can be overwhelming. People often ask whether they have what it takes?

That is why we created the Happy Community Kickstart workshop. We know that it takes support, skill and resources to initiate change. We have developed the Happy Community Kickstart workshop so that your ideas become doable. With our support, you can attract the small group of thoughtful, committed citizens. And together, the workload is shared. And with our support, you will obtain the skills and resources so your community project is a success.

As we move into the Holiday Season, it is a great time to reflect on the kind of people we want to be: the kind that is waiting or the kind that can say “I am the people we have been waiting for?

You are not alone – Check out the Happy Community Kickstart Workshop here.

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