A new year – a new beginning with new hope


A meaningful life is the foundation for happiness. When we have the power to make a difference, when we choose to make a difference, we feel good, no matter what else may be going on. The good news is people everywhere are waking up. We are recognizing  that we have the power.

This was clearly brought to light in West Hants / Windsor in 2017. After years of disappointing political results, the community chose new representation. But we weren’t just satisfied with trusting a new group of politicians with their ‘they shoulds…’. Our community has moved past ‘they should…’ and fully embraced ‘we should….’ in recognition of our own responsibilities and power as citizens.

And we have discovered ‘we can…’

‘We can make the kind of community we want – an economically vibrant, culturally rich and socially connected community.’ And so West Hants / Windsor has launched a series of projects that are on their way to reality. Coincidently, the downtown core is filling up with new entrepreneurial activity, there is a renewed sense of optimism and pride, and people are getting to know each other in new ways.

The foundation of a happy life is a meaningful life and meaningful always means service to others. The sages of the ages have told us that it is in service to others that we receive the greatest gifts for ourselves.

Many people still believe that they don’t have the time or resources to be of service or that they will lose something in the process. Or they rationalize one way or the other how it is better if someone else does. Yet it is every citizens responsibility to contribute to our community – the place where we can count on people taking care of each other.

When we do, we are surprised how much more we get back in return. And we are surprised how much difference just a little bit of responsibility makes.

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