Reflections on a Thanks Giving Weekend

Being grateful every day is always a good practice for wellbeing, this weekend is an extra special time to take some reflection time.

So here I go.

As I listen to the news, I am truly grateful that we live where we do – in a democracy that works, in a place where we can talk out ideas and a place where our fellow citizens understand that our collective wellbeing is important to our personal wellbeing.

Every day, I get feedback that it is important to strengthen our culture of taking personal responsibility for the wellbeing of each other. Aren’t we lucky that we have the luxury of holding these kind of thoughts?

I am lucky that I can be optimistic about my grandchildren’s future because in spite of other people’s agendas, common sense and good will still prevails.

And Most of all, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to make a difference through the Happy Community Project. Although there are many challenges that I experience, each challenge broadens my understanding. Every day, I receive well wishes, thankyous and good wishes. And I thank you for giving me both the challenges and the well wishes for they develop my humanness in a way that I want. (Although many will rightly tell me I could use a bit more patience).

Thank you for giving me the space, opportunity and privilege to develop the Happy Community Project with you and see all the gifts that it can offer to so many others. I am truly grateful for the stories you have shared, the ideas you propose, the participation you have engaged in and the sleeves you have rolled up to make so much happen for others. Many of you are exercising these same gifts in your own ways through hundreds of projects and each one contributes to our wellbeing. It gives me great hope. Thank you.

In the coming months, we will continue to support and strengthen our communities. We will be developing new projects that strengthen our culture of taking care of each other. We will be helping other communities bring the ideas and process of the Happy Community Project. And we will be sharing your experiences in a book that we are working on to publish. Each of these will bring new challenges and I am grateful for the opportunities to embrace them.

I have learnt through all the experiences you have provided me that the greatest gift I can receive is the opportunity to wrestle with the question; what can I do to strengthen our social connectedness with respectfulness. I have learnt that social connections are the spiritual glue that bring out the best in us and provides us the most opportunity. It brings me HOPE.

 I thank you for all the experiences you have provided that have taught me so much.

I wish you a very Grateful Weekend.


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