The Politics of Belonging

The goal of the Happy Community Project is to strengthen the connectedness, belonging and caring across many communities. More and more, we are hearing that our future depends on it. And more and more experts are telling us the Happy Community project is going about it in the right way. For example, George Mombiot talks about the importance of the ‘politics of belonging’ where people do things together.

We know from experience and talking with thousands of people that we all want the same thing. We want to belong in a community where we can find friends and know that others care about us.

We also know that communities have the power to strengthen their connectedness, belonging and caring for each other. We have proven this in Windsor Nova Scotia, Kolkata India. And after just a few weeks, Stewiacke Nova Scotia has already attracted dozens of people committed to making their community a stronger community.

In 2019, I made a mistake. I spent a great deal of effort trying to engage our provincial government in supporting the Happy Community Project goals, without success. Through this experience, we learned that it really is up to us, the citizens and our business community. There is no “they should….” It’s up to us to develop our own communities of belonging founded on connectedness and caring.

Most of us want to live in a world that has the human qualities of connectedness, belonging and caring and we want to pass this along to our next generations. If enough communities embrace this, we have the power to shift the direction our world is going.

So, we are focusing our efforts on expanding our capacity to bring the Happy Community Project to many more communities. And to do that we are focusing on having conversations with people and organizations that share our goals and values.

Recently. we have had people who work in Graphic Design, Smart Phone app development, web design, and corporate sponsor engagement reach out to us. Because of their efforts, we will be able to tell our story more effectively and more broadly so that we can bring the Happy Community Project to many more communities.

They are helping us launch a brand new website, develop technologies that will facilitate face-to-face connectedness, make it easier for people who want to support us to engage with us, and most importantly, make it easier for people who want to bring the Happy Community Project to their community.

Our world needs all of us to be involved and the easiest way to do that is to stand up for our community. When we do, we can collectively change the course of our history. We want you to help us do that and we want to help you do that.


If you want to help us with expertise, or bring the Happy Community Project to your community or be a involved, drop me a line.


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