Is 2023 the Year the World Gets Happier

We have experienced a tough time in recent human history, but we have also learned some big lessons. There is hope.

What we have learned

We have learned that belonging in real communities where people know each other and care about each other is important to our happiness. And we have learned that co-operation gets better results than competition. And we have learned that knowing and supporting each other is better than self-reliance.

Connected, Belonging and Caring Communities have been fundamental to human wellbeing and happiness since we became humans. In recent years, we have tended to take communities for granted and let the social fabric fray. During and after COVID, we have come to realize just how important communities are.

And now, Happy Community Project and Happy Community Builders are ready to bring community to the forefront of our lives. We have done a lot of work getting to this point. Now communities in Nova Scotia, across Canada and the USA are exploring with us how they can be happier communities.

In 2023, we are focusing on enabling happier communities in three ways.

  1. Happy Community Builders are providing each other peer-to peer connections, support and resources as we work together to be more effective at what we do today while working collaboratively to make communities a #1 priority for our society.
  2. Happy Community Project Program is ready for scalability so that communities everywhere can change their community story in the direction of being a more connected, belonging and caring community.
  3. Good Neighbour App connects neighbours so they have greater belonging and caring for each other. Good Neighbour App is ready for launch early February.


Changing how the world thinks about community is a big job. But it is important and it is doable. In fact, it is already changing. Most people realize they are better off when connected to people who live near them. This is a great start.

We are all in this world together and we need your help to build on this momentum.

There are three things you can do:

  • Become a Happy Community Builder
  • Bring the Happy Community Project program to your community


  • Be one of the first to use the Good Neighbour App

Become a Happy Community Builder

Happy Community Builders is where people who are active in community development, connect with each other, share their expertise and experiences with each other and share resources such as links to grants or special ideas. Happy Community Builders share the common belief that happy communities are fundamental to human well being. They want to change the thinking in the world where economy supports community rather than everything supports economy.

Become a Happy Community Builder Here

Bring a Happy Community Project Program to your community.

As humans, we live by the stories we hold close. And we have a story about the community we live in. This story guides the behavior of the community’s citizens. For example, if the story is ‘we don’t like strangers moving in’ or ‘we are so divisive, we never agree on anything’ or ‘Our seniors are a forgotten people left for professionals to take care of’, then the people of the community behave accordingly. But if the story changes to ‘we look out for each other’ then the behavior changes.

The Happy Community Project Program trains, coaches and guides community citizens to change their community story. We have done this kind of work in Canada, USA, England, India and Uganda.

Ask us how it works in your community?

Be the First to Use The Good Neighbour App

The Good Neighbour App is our anti social media, social media app. The Good Neighbour App is designed to get people talking with each other – that is why we call it the anti social media social media app

The app uses the next level in technological “get out of your box” thinking. You’ve heard of virtual reality and augmented reality?  The Good Neighbour app takes advantage of a new technological concept we are calling… real reality.  It uses on-line to get you off-line and out into your neighbourhood. It’s designed to reduce your screen time; however, it may increase your fence time. And we think local coffee shops may love us. The app is all about building real relationships with people who live near you, not virtual ones.

We are putting together a list of people who want to be our first users. They get special privileges and will be leading the way with what Dalhousie Phd. Candidate Richard is saying is the leading edge of the next new wave of technology. Technology that is easy to use and keeps your information private for you only.

Are you one of the trailblazers for making neighbourhoods more connected in real reality?

Let us know here.

Be Part of Making Our World Happier

There are of course many other ways to make our world better. The biggest lesson I have learned is “There is no they should……It’s up to us……..there is only We should…..”

What ever your choices you make in 2023, my hope is that you are part of the We Should group that makes choices that not only bring you personal happiness, but also more happiness for the rest of your community.





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