In Just three months, this community has done more than most do in years

50 People turned ‘we should’ into ‘we did’.

50 people rolled up their sleeves and got a lot of stuff done on January 10th. 100 more people are helping them. What are they doing and how are they doing it?

Here is a short list ( well actually, it’s an amazingly long list of ‘we shoulds’  turning into ‘we did’)

The Collaborative Project Leadership conference

On February 6th at the Windsor Library, 30 people will share ideas, make connections and connect to resources – space is limited to 30 so register early if you are a doer or leader for one of the projects or want to start a project.

Youth Hangout Project

8 youth showed up and did an awesome job of developing the basic ideas for a Youth Hangout Project. This project is led by the youth for the youth. On January 26th 7:00 to 8:30 at Windsor Community Center, youth will come together and develop the idea and start the planning to make this real. If you are between 12 and 25, come out and be part of developing this great idea. It’s youth power in action

A Social Hub is born

MAKERS is a Gathering Place and intergenerational learning center that is under renovation now at 21 Gerrish Street. If you have furniture, craft supplies, or equipment that can be used by artisans, get a hold of Kathy.

Tour de Hants is holding its first event

Come on out with your family or friends to Castle Fredrick on Jan 27. Be prepared for some exercise, comradery and hot chocolate. Everyone welcome.

The Community Garden in 3 locations

The Community Garden is checking out locations in Falmouth, Windsor and Brooklyn for a spring opening. There is a lot of community interest for this project to succeed.

Food Hub attracts a lot of attention

Food Hub is working at developing a Community Kitchen – a place where people can come and cook together for themselves and others.

Newcomers are Welcome

Welcome Newcomers is in negotiations with Welcome Wagon and the organization called Welcome Newcomers. Their goal is to make it easy for new citizens to feel like they belong and be active members of our community.

The Community Market aiming for May 1 Opening

The Community Market has confirmed a location and is working to set up 40 vendors who will provide us a gathering space where we can partake of locally grown food and crafts. They are making a market place that will be a part of the pride of our community.

Ellershouse Community Breakfast

On the last Saturday of the month, 35 volunteers provide hospitality and great food so that neighbors can meet neighbors, have lots of laughs and meet new people. If you want to help, or enjoy the food and company, just come to the Ellershouse House Hall on the last Saturday of the month

Other ideas ready to launch

There are 6 New Project Ideas – ideas that are preparing to get off the ground. We are taking the destiny of our community into our own hands.

These projects are changing the nature of our community

These are big projects that did not exist 3 months ago.

These are big projects that are having a big impact on how we think of ourselves, how we interact with each other and how we can enjoy our community. These are big projects that are happening, not because of what the government or some other organization is doing, but because we decided we should do something and we are doing it.

There is no them – only a us.

This is our community and we each have a responsibility to it. If you want to be part of the us that is having fun, doing things that are making a big difference, then reach out to any of these projects or myself or show up at any of our meetings.

If you want the Happy Community project in your community, contact me.

 The Happy Community Project is about people doing things together.

In that way we develop social connections and sense of belonging that gives us the confidence that we will take care of each other when it matters. It’s people who show up that turn ‘we should’ into ‘we did’. In just three months, we have done what other communities would believe would take years to do. It happens because we decided ‘we should…

Together we are making our community into the community we want for our children and grandchildren.

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