Let the Love In

Covid 19 in many ways has brought us closer together and brought out a new awareness of what could be. I have been wondering how we can perpetuate this into our future?

Our language matters, the metaphors we use to capture our ideas of the world has a huge impact on our behavior and affects our lives immensely. Take the phrase ‘social distancing’. The intentions are good, to minimize contact with the Covid 19 virus, but the effect is terrible. 50% of Canadians have reported a decrease in mental wellbeing because of social distancing. Walking through the grocery store is an experience in awkwardness with the other people in the store. Domestic and substance abuse has increased. Social distancing is not the answer.

We need the exact opposite of social distancing in times of crisis. We need social connecting. It’s what makes us feel OK, safe and belonging. we need to let the love in.

And yet we do need physical distancing to control the spread of the virus.

experts are telling us that we will likely be living in a new way of being for up to 2 more years. How do we want to describe how we want to live with each other?

So I have been thinking about this; what is the language we can use that keeps us protected from spreading the virus and yet lets the love in? What is the metaphor that we can relate to that is permeable to love and resistant to virus that can enable us to have social closeness and physical distance?

So I put this out as a challenge. What is the one or two word phrase that can capture the idea of letting the love in, connecting with our neighbour and yet keep the virus at arms length.

Any ideas?

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