Max’s Story

Over the past few months, I have heard many stories of people living in apartments who do not know their neighbours and how sad and isolated that makes people feel.

Recently, Max shared his story with an interesting twist.

Max is an international expert in branding and works from his apartment in a suburb just north of London England. Max had learned about the Happy Community Project through word of mouth and our story resonated strongly with him. He has stepped forward and reached out to us to see if he can help us share our story to a broader audience.

As we were discussing the key elements of the Happy Community Project, something sparked in Max’s mind. We were talking about the importance of people proactively taking action that strengthens their community connectedness, belonging and caring for each other.

Here is Max’s story.

Max lives in a ten unit apartment building in a suburb of London. He lives alone and spends most of his day on his computer. As many others like him, he does not know a single other person in his building.

One day, as he was walking out the door to his building, there in front of him was a simple post-it note. And the note made all the difference for Max. Now he was no longer alone.

It simply said “If you need some help or want to play a game or a cup of tea, call Joe at 555-555-5555”

It was such a simple gesture on the part of one person to the other 9 residents. It brought a smile to Max and a sense of comfort and knowing that someone nearby cared.

That is what we mean by taking action to connect people to each other, bring belonging and a sense of caring.

If this inspires you to do something, please let us know. It is important for us to hear your story so that we can inspire others.

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