Minutes for Farmers Market Jan 10


Minutes of Meeting

Happy Community Project – Farmers Market
January 10, 2018

Adrienne Wood
Holly Lothian
Katie Andrews
Jamie Cornetta
Tara Gibbon
Monique Wood
Regrets: Catherine Manning, Steven Bouman, Kayie Godon


1) Summer Student Grants
2) Market Manager Training Video
3) Location
4) Public Washrooms
5) Not for profit discussion
6) Meeting with Keltie Butler
7) Call for Vendors
8) Follow-up meeting

Old Business:

There was a discussion regarding the existing Windsor Farmers’ Market co-operative and future of this co-op. It was decided to move forward separate from this. Jamie shared existing bylaws.

1) Summer Student Grants, START Program Employment

A provincial grant and federal grant are available for summer students. The deadline for these grants are January 26 and February 2, 2018. The START employment grant is also available. Due to the pressing deadlines for the summer student grants, it was decided to wait until next year to investigate these options.
The START program does not give set amounts – it is all decided on a case by case basis. The concept is that the province will help the organization/employer hire someone in the beginning but that the organization plans to keep the person long term (or seasonally but again next year). 50/50 funding could be provided, with agreement of a minimum of 30 hours a week.

2) Market Manager Training Video

There is a market manager training video available to purchase from the Farmers Market of Nova Scotia. This video is $42. The benefits of viewing this video to establish a good foundation were discussed and it was agreed that the group will get together to watch this video. Tasks of the market manager were discussed and the group will investigate a formal job description for the manager.

3) Location

The market has confirmed a location with the Parsons Group at the Scotiabank Mall, downtown. Details regarding this space will be confirmed as relationship moves forward.

4) Public Washrooms

The mall does not have public washrooms available. This is a necessity for the market and Adrienne will be following up with the town and Parson Group for potential options. Porta poties were discussed and are a possibility.

5) Not for profit discussion

Establishing the market as a not for profit was discussed. It was agreed upon that the market will be a not for profit. There are more options for future grants and funding if the market is registered as a not for profit.

6) Meeting with Keltie Butler

Keltie Butler from Famers’ Market of Nova Scotia will be in Windsor Tuesday, January 16 at 7:00pm. This is open to anyone interested in the meeting.

7) Call for Vendors

This discussion will be on the agenda for our next meeting. The space available has capacity for 40 tables.

8) Follow-up meeting

Once the market video is received, a time and location will be decided to discuss action items and watch the video.

Action Items:

1. Market Manager Job Description – Group
2. List of old farmers market contacts/Existing Bylaw document – Jamie Cornetta
3. Social Enterprise/Kings Meadows contact – Tarah Gibbon
4. Lunnenburg/Hubbards market contact – Katie Andrews
5. Brewery Market Policy and Procedures – Bruce Wright
6. Public Washrooms – Adrienne Wood
7. Meeting with Keltie Butler – Katie Andrews, Holly Lothian, Jamie Conetta
8. Training Video – Holly Lothian
9. Confirm market name – Group

Important Dates: Tuesday, January 16th, 7:00pm.

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