Neighbours Need Help Connecting

75% of Canadians (Stats Canada) 60% of Americans do not know their neighbours , but most people want to know their neighbours. So why don’t they?

The short answer is because of a long term trend that comes out of stranger danger, a constant message that we are supposed to be self-reliant and government policies and lawyer threats that discourage people taking responsibility for each other, we have come to see connecting with neighbours as somewhere between awkward and terrifying. All of this has been exasperated by Covid isolation policies.

If you don’t know your neighbours, particularly the newer neighbours, you are in the majority. If you would want to have stronger connections with your neighbours, you are in the majority. And if you don’t know how to make those connections in a way that feels safe and comfortable, you are in the majority.

Yet making stronger connections with your neighbours is the best thing you can do for a happier and more meaningful life.

And so we are here to help make those connections as natural, safe and comfortable as we can for you.

We have developed ways to help you make your neighbourhood more socially connected. To access these ways, just download the Good Neighbour App on Google Play or the App Store. Once you have down loaded the Good Neighbour App, we are there with you to help you make stronger connections with your neighbours.

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