Partnership with Sobey’s School of Business

The Happy Community Project has partnered with Sobey’s School of Business.


The Happy Community Project generates ideas for how we can make communities stronger and more socially connected. Ideas are cheap, they only count if they are put into action. And so the Happy Community Project creates Action Groups that take great ideas and turns them into projects where people can do things together.

The Partnership Makes Projects Financially Sustainable

Some projects require financial support and the best ones are when they are financially sustainable. In this way, the project is not dependent on handouts, but generates its own revenues.

The Sobey’s School of Business has partnered with the Happy Community Project to create financially sustainable Action Projects. Sobey’s School of Business uses a process that takes an idea from general concept to a profitable business. They call the process PIPELINE.

How It Works

In the PIPELINE process, Community members decide on a problem they want to solve for the community. It can be anything that makes the community stronger. For example making healthy food more affordable available or engaging youth in community activities.

For community members who have a passion for a particular kind of project, the PIPELINE process guides them through a 12 step process. The process starts with a few committed people (The Core Team) who have a general idea of the difference they want to make. The PIPELINE process guides these people and their general idea into a strong viable idea that can become a profitable business that is making their community a stronger community.

In the process, the project leaders end up with a business plan, legal structure, financing plan, marketing plan and the ongoing support of business professionals who guide them into success. Their business is profitable, pays wages and makes a difference for their community.

Who Qualifies

Anyone who presents an idea to the Happy Community Project can qualify. All they need is the passion to make a difference for their community. The people at PIPELINE will help them from there. People do not need any previous business experience, education levels or financial resources. They are as young as 12 and as old as 80. All that matters is there is a passionate desire to make a difference.

Most projects have a team of 3-5 people who care.

What Can You Expect

You Can expect that your ideas will be taken seriously. The goal will be to take your idea into a profitable business that makes a difference for your community. The Core Team owns the business and therefore owns the profits. So the goal is the Core Team makes a viable business that solves a social problem in your community.

So come out to a Happy Community Project meeting or reach out to us. we want to hear your ideas.

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