Another Big Step Forward March 15

A Big Step Forward

Even though it was March Break and many of you were with family, we took a major step closer to launching the Sackville Happy Community Project last night.

One new idea was introduced and we made some important decisions. Now all the pieces are in place to turn an idea into a reality. Our plan is to launch in 2 months.

The One New Idea

The goal of the Sackville Happy Community Project is to increase the capacity of our community for happiness and resiliency by increasing the number and strength of the social connections within our community. The best way to do that is by making it easy and fun for people to do things together.

The New idea is that there is a Core Group surrounded by Action Groups.

Action Groups

are where the activities that make social connections happen – activities like Community Garden, Our Best Recipes, or Discover Sackville’s Hidden Treasures. Action Pods can also include established Sackville events like Snow Days or other established community service projects like Sackville Rivers Association. This is where the rubber hits the road for strengthening our social connections.

The Core Group

provides services and support to the Action Groups to increase their ability to make social connections within our community.

What the Core Group Does

In summary – Here is What makes the Happy Community Project a Success.

  • A Core Group of Diverse people from Sackville who
  • Support Action Groups to increase the social connections in our community
  • By providing:

o   Vision

o   Social incentives for citizens to participate

o   Centralized administration

o   Training, connections and support

o   Transparent Feedback

o   Sharing of Ideas

o   A sense of community for the Action Group leaders and agents

o   Celebration

  • Where the community decides what is important through tipping point decisions

What we decided at the meeting

Who is the Core Group
  • People who show up and want to roll up their sleeves and make a difference for the happiness and wellbeing of our community.
  • We have been fortunate to have a very healthy working group from those people who have been attending meetings.

o   Decision Action Item –Put your name forward – do you want to be part of the Core Group. Our next meeting is April 5th.

  • People who represent the diversity of our community

o   Decision Action Item – Ron and Tara have offered to reach out to invite a broader diversity to the Core Group – please put recommendations forward and invite people to put their name forward

Who Are Action Group Leaders
  • People who are passionate about a project or event

o   Decision Action Item – Put your name forward if you want to lead or be part of a particular Action Group – for example the Community Garden, Sackville’s Hidden Treasures, Our Best Recipes, or Wheelies or maybe you have another idea.

Our Vision
  • We need to clarify our vision for the Sackville Happy Community Project
  • The vision for our community includes the ideas of belonging, meaning, sufficiency, security and fairness.
  • Some of these terms need clarification for example does belonging include welcoming and what are the boundaries of our community?

o   Decision Action Item – Barry will draft a vision statement that will be published in this email forum for the members, citizens and interested people to comment, critique and edit with the goal that it is the Sackville Communities vision.

Our website
  • The Sackville Happy Community Project should have a website where people can explore and engage with us.
  • The website should have its own Sackville Happy Community Logo which includes the yellow and green colors for Sackville
  • The website will be a template that other Happy community Projects in other locations can use to build their website.

o   Decision Action Item- Ashley has volunteered to create the web site

o   Decision action Item – Are there any graphic designers out there that want to take a crack at the logo?

o   Decision Action Item- Is there anyone out there that wants to have input to the website design

  • The website will be designed as a draft version to be shared within this forum for constructive suggestions before being made fully public.
Create an Onboarding Document
  • The Sackville Happy Community Project should have an onboarding document that brings new members up to speed on goals, process etc.

o   Decision Action item – Barry will create an onboarding document.

Priorities for next meetings
  • The goal is that we will have a public launch in approximately 2 months.
  • Before then we will have

o   Affirmed our vision

o   Launched our website

o   Defined our social incentive which is about the secret picnic/ yellow and green table cloth dinner, how people qualify to be invited and the many other details that go with this.

  • Action Decision Items – the core group will do things in between meetings so that the meetings are about making decisions and actions happen between meetings in small working groups.
  • Action decision Items – Put your name forward if you want to work on the Social Incentive.
And Finally – who is the leader?
  • Barry Braun has been providing the ideas and processes to make the Sackville Happy Community Project a big success.
  • The Sackville Happy Community Project belongs to the community of Sackville

o   Decision Action Item – The leadership will emerge from the Core Group

 WOW – that is a lot of things that have and are happening – The Sackville Happy Community Project has momentum and energy – we should celebrate. Anyone got any ideas?
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