What Happened on January 11, 2017


jan 2017 Sackville NSWe had an amazing turnout for the first Happy Community Project in Sackville NS.

We have a solid base of approximately 30 people who bring amazing experience, leadership and skills and I am truly honored. And we have the commitment from many to move this forward to its next steps. I am excited to see what comes of this.

But first – here is my take on what happened last night.

  • We affirmed that community happiness is a worthy goal in its own Jan 2017 Deputy Mayor Steve Craigright.
  • We affirmed that happiness in our communities is not to be taken for granted, that it takes deliberate action to build and sustain it.
  • We affirmed that our communities are not broken and don’t need fixing.
  • We also identified several opportunities where we can contribute to building and maintaining happiness in our community (see the attached)
  • We affirmed that building and maintaining happiness involves all citizens, NGO’s, business and governments

And the most exciting part of all, we the founders of this initiative have decided to make something practical happen starting with a next meeting in approximately 3 weeks. (January 31, Bedford Library 6:30PM)

Please share your experience of what happened with others and invite them to our next meeting. All members of the community have something important to contribute

Jan 2017 SackvilleSo the journey has begun.  Thank you for being part of something important. Your participation makes a difference.

A special thank you to Jannaya of the Sackville library and Deputy Mayor Steve Craig for his support in bringing us together.

Below are some specifics for what was decided at our first meeting

All the best and many smiles

What happened at the First Happy Community Event

We created recipe for Happy Community making

The Ingredients:

  • 24 Community minded souls showed up 
  • Agreed on 6 Ingredients for a Happy Community
    • Identify with the community
    • Belong
    • Find Meaning
    • Have enough
    • Enjoy security
    • Experience fairness 
  • Accepted what defines a community
    • A group of people who share diverse characteristics linked by social ties who share common perspectives engage in joint actions in geographical locations and settings 
  • Opened their hearts and minds to explore opportunities in the community

The Process:

  • Divided up into 4 discussion groups 
  • Got to know each other in new ways 
  • Discussed  8 ways of looking at the factors affecting community happiness: Trust, Commute Time, Fairness, Social Interaction, Sufficiency, Meaning, Nature Connection, Belonging
Find the opportunities:
  • Trust – increase the trust between generations, youth and older people
  • Commute Time – accessibility to transportation and planning communities ahead of time for how citizens can access transportation
  • Social Interaction – Community planning to enable social interaction, walkability that puts people in contact with each other, creating gathering spaces, regular frequent community events
  • Fairness – housing for seniors, increase cross town transportation
  • Sufficiency – enough sleep for some, community accessibility to leisure, education and food/sleep
  • Belonging – find place for all individuals to have a community of interest within the broader community, provide opportunities for belonging, include disabled youth, teach youth about belonging
  • Meaning – provide opportunities for volunteering
  • Nature Connection- we are rich in assets, increase connectivity and walkability, get people interested in nature, create family friendly green space 

Decide what is next-  We want a next meeting to start to figure out what is practical o Meeting time in approximately 3 weeks o Invite others o Barry will figure out-dates and location o Barry will send out prep information


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