June 27th meeting defines new youth projects

We had a fantastic open house event last week which has created even more momentum for the Sackville Happy Community Project. We created a short video of the event . I invite you to share this video and let the world know what we are doing.

 I have shared this video with several other organizations and professionals who are impressed with what we have accomplished so far. As a result, St Mary’s University has invited us to start the process for finding opportunities to collaborate with their students and professors and my first meeting with them is next week.

The Sackville Happy Community Project team had a follow up meeting to the Open House Event this last Wednesday to look at what is next. There were several opportunities that came up for creating projects that can bring citizens of Sackville together.

 Randolph White of the Sackville Library attended this meeting. Randolph works with Sackville Youth and particularly youth in the Restorative Justice Program. He advised us that both the general population of youth and the youth in the Restorative Justice Program are seeking opportunities to be engaged in activities in the community. He proposed that the Sackville Happy Community Project and the Sackville Library collaborate to define projects where this can happen.

 In our next meeting June 27th 6:30-8:00 PM at 11 Glendale Avenue, he is bringing two youth to the meeting to explore how we can develop a leadership team and define this kind of project in greater detail. It’s going to be an inspiring, fun and productive meeting and I hope you can attend. This is the Sackville Happy Community Project in action.


As well, The Happy Community Radio Show will be recording its first show in the afternoon of the 27th. Ashley, Jim Robson and I will be on this first show to be aired in mid July – exact dates will be announced soon. This will be a weekly half hour show focusing on local happy community projects and broadcast around the world on 97.5FM Community Radio and Live Streaming. As we move along, we will be looking for guests for the show and hope that you might want to join us.

 A couple of other housekeeping events – we decided that we should be keeping minutes of the meeting both for distribution and for remembering what we have already talked about. So at our next meeting, we will be looking for someone to volunteer to pick up this task.

 If you haven’t attended one of our meetings or haven’t been able to get to one for a while, join us on the 27th. You will be impressed and your input will be welcomed on whatever level you want to contribute.

 Congratulations Sackville for having accomplished so much in such a short time.

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