Wow  what a meeting.

Twelve high energy, thoughtful people came together and got stuff done. Sackville has taken another huge step forward to becoming an even stronger happy community.


The Big Decisions.

  • Target launch celebration August 1st Long weekend (Alternative July 1)

o   Theme could be around – Giving Back by Making Connections- it is the act of being Canadian (Act of being Sackvillian)

  • Make the Community Garden a pilot project

o   Learn how to make successful Action Groups by modelling what the Sackville Community Food Garden is doing

o   Learn how to make social connections through Action Groups

o   It is already well down the road to success.

  • Action Groups need three people minimum

o   Outreach- coordinator,

o   Action Co-coordinator,

o    Registration coordinator

  • Engage Different Organizations around our common goal – we are connected to every citizen of Sackville and therefore every citizen is socially connected within Sackville

o   Create a contact sheet of people who are networked within Sackville who can connect us with the rest of the citizens

  • Post activities on a calendar

o   Calendar is on our website and linked to new website for Sackville Community Development association

The Big Actions Taken

  • Ashley continues work on web site

o   We all send Ashley pictures of Sackville Happy Community

  • Tara – Create a contact sheet for other organizations that can outreach
  • Jason – lead and coordinator for integrating Sackville Community Food Garden with Sackville Happy Community Project.

o   Partner between the Sackville Community Food Garden and the Sackville Happy Community Project

o   The Happy Community Project launches a celebration event on Aug 1 long weekend

o   The theme of the celebration event is making social connections by growing food together (Possible integration with Recipe Action Group)

  • Jim- offered a ½ hour show per week on 97.5FM to discuss on Community Radio the Happy Community Project, its Progress in making social connections and how citizens can be involved.

o   Needs people willing to go on the radio – Barry will take some of them.

  • Barry – create poster and pamphlet
  • Lynne- Create template for an Action Plan

o   Post the template as an open document on google docs.

  • Angela – provide training on how to use google docs (26th April at 6:15)
  • Angela – initiates meeting for Best Recipes Action Group with Jannaya and Barry







Things to Think About

  • When do we need financial resources – printing, web development, event costs etc.
  • Can other members of the community offer small amounts of help to Core group and Action Groups. How do we move beyond the small group of people who are involved in everything?
  • Keep in mind our goal – Strengthen social connections by enabling people to do small things together in Action Groups

We have done a lot and are getting a lot done. Big pat on the back.

Moving Forward

  • Next meeting is April 26 at 11 Glendale Avenue (offices of 97.5 FM Community Radio) 6:30 PM (6:15 for those wanting instruction in google docs)
  • Happy Communities don’t happen by accident. They happen because citizens know that if they are enjoying the benefits of a Happy Community, they need to contribute to it.

We invite you to join us on April 26 or reach out to us to explore how the Happy Community Project can add more to your life and you can add to the happiness of our community. We understand people are busy and stretched – that is why we make sure this brings meaning and fun to your life within the limits you set.