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What is Happening with the Happy Community Project?

Many of you have been asking me what is happening with the Happy Community Project. Over the last two months, we have focused on two major things: Making plans and engaging our municipal and provincial governments to financially support the Happy Community Project.

We are excited about the plans we have been making and disappointed that our governments have not provided financial support.

Where the money Comes from

We have done what other experts and communities thought was impossible and believe is amazing – we have turned our community into a “Happy Community”. Our community citizens and local businesses have made this possible with their efforts and their money. Our local business community has generously donated about one third of our costs. Their support has been critical to our efforts. I have personally financed most of the other two thirds.

For 30 months, I have been asking for support from our councillors and provincial government.

In July 2018, I applied to Community Culture and Heritage for a $60,000 grant. This grant would enable the Happy Community Project to provide even greater support for Windsor / West Hants and enable us to achieve long term stability.

The grant application was supported by Warden Zebian, Mayor Allen and Minister Porter and was finally approved by Minister Glavine on September 16th 2019.  I understood the Happy Community Project would soon receive the monies. We were delighted to hear this and then shocked and saddened by what came next.

And here is the really sad news.

I have recently discovered that the staff for the Provincial Department of Community Culture and Heritage have insisted the funds are redirected away from the Happy Community Project. The funds are to be used to hire a professional who will hold meetings and write a report to the Councillors on diversity and inclusion and provide no support for the Happy Community Project.

We are not getting financial support.

We are deeply saddened by this outcome. Without financial support, the Happy Community Project is now limited in the efforts it can provide to Windsor / West Hants.  I am now helping other municipalities who are covering our costs to become Happy Communities.

The Happy Community Project was started with the idea “we can’t leave it up to others to make our community happy; Only we the citizens can do that.”  There is no they should….”, only We should….” This experience has proved how true these statements are.

Even though we are saddened by these developments, we can all be incredibly proud. We only need remember the community we had only 30 months ago and then the community we have now.

This positive change has been noticed by experts and other communities and organizations around the world. We have shown the world what is possible when a community embraces the ideas of the Happy Community Project.

My sincerest hope is that you, our fellow citizens, continue to embrace the idea that we are a more robust community when we have strong social connections across our diversity.

It is easy to take things for granted and leave it up to someone else to take care of things. We have learned there is no one else and when we embrace “We should….”; We can do amazing things.

We have learned that our governments place no value on this work. It’s up to you, the citizens, to continue this. If you want this to move forward, you can do two things –

  1. Write to your provincial and municipal political leaders and say – we want you to support the Happy Community Project:

Chuck Porter

Mayor Anna Allen

Warden Abraham Zebian

  • Step up and be part of the leadership team.

You can reach out to me directly.  I will pass your thoughts, ideas and information to the other members of the Core Leadership Group.

Thank you for all your kind wishes, gratitude and support. I am truly proud of what we together have accomplished together.

I will still be here while I am supporting other Happy Communities in Nova Scotia and in other countries.


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