Social connecting and physical distancing

In these times of Covid, both physical distancing and social mixing are important. We need social interaction for our mental wellbeing. We need masks and physical distancing to prevent the spread of Covid and all its consequences.

So how do we do this? We follow the guidelines given by our public health officials. What they say is if we get closer than 6 feet with people who are not living in our house, wear a mask and wash your hands. Stay away from strangers as much as possible by limiting trips to stores except for essentials.

But they also say that we can gather in small social groups of 5 or 10 depending where you live without wearing masks so long as you keep 6 feet apart.

So have a potluck, or a social gathering and just space yourself out. Better yet, go for a walk in the park. While you are at it, think of including someone who may be living alone.

Have you got an idea for how to socially connect and physically distance? Leave a reply below. Others are looking for creative ideas.

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