Super Sunday, Super Spirit

NFL teams play hard for our communities

Through “Inspire Change,” NFL teams and players are devoting time and money to non-profit organizations tackling change in areas ranging from economic advancement to criminal justice reform. It’s also showcasing how its own players are making a difference, especially when it comes to racial injustice and oppression.

In just two years, Inspire Change has donated US$95 million to over 500 different charities. The goal is to reach US$250 million in donation in its first ten years. A couple of examples of recent grant recipients are The Success for All Foundation, which promotes child literacy, and Gideon’s Promise, which works to defend marginalized communities in the fight for criminal justice.

Inspire Change was first born out of player actions such as kneeling on the field during the American National Anthem to protest racial injustices related to police brutality. Now all 32 NFL teams are actively going into the communities to encourage change.

For example, in 2020 the Kansas City Chiefs partnered with other community members to launch an anti-racism program called “Kingdom United” to educate  “the next generation about race, diversity, inclusion and acceptance.”

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers got together with the Tampa Bay Police Department to learn more about preventing police brutality and help create a more equal and just future. Defensive tackler Gerald McCoy started the conversation with a tone of collaboration. “Today, I want to open up the conversation, so we can hear how you guys think and you guys can hear how we think, and bridge the gap,” he said. “For me, it’s a good thing to have those conversations,” said Ryan Jensen, who plays center for the Buccaneers. “You have to have those tough conversations to move forward.”

With Inspire Change, the NFL is showing the world that the path to just and happy communities really is a team effort. All together now for Super Sunday: cheer for football AND positive change for all!

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