Sustainability and Community

Communities have been the foundation for human wellbeing for time immemorial. It has only been in the last 50 years that we have changed from a sense of common good to an emphasis on personal good. In this process, communities have shifted from a place of belonging and mutual care towards a place to live that provides the convenience for goods and services that “I” can purchase.

75% of Americans do not have a relationship with their next door neighbor. According to the General Social Survey, only about 20 percent of Americans spend time regularly with their neighbors, while a third say they’ve never interacted with them. Canadian statistics are not much better with over 50% of Canadians not having relationship with their neighbors.

Happy Community Builders is committed to being part of the shift to co-operation amongst citizens for a common good. We see re-emphasizing community as a place of co-operation as being the foundation on which to make the changes our world needs.

It is through co-operation and a desire for the common good that we can achieve sustainability.

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