The Kindness Warriors and Christmas Thoughts.

I had been thinking about Christmas thoughts I might share when I heard about April.

April lives in Lunenburg, a small rural community in Nova Scotia. She recently immigrated to Canada from the USA, looking for a better place to raise her two children. She was looking for a place where her children could experience the values of connectedness, belonging and caring for each other that comes from a happy community. Six months ago, she chose Lunenburg and settled into the rhythm of the community.

Like every community everywhere, Lunenburg has people living in isolation, citizens needing a little helping hand. She and her two sons made a decision; they became the Kindness Warriors.

As the Kindness Warriors, each month they find a way of bringing a little love to their new community. It might be something for children, or it might be something for pets and other animals.

This Christmas, The Kindness Warriors packaged up 36 little bags of chocolates and small gifts with a note of love included. And just like Santa, they make up a list of people who could use an extra dose of kindness.

With bags and list in hand, they headed out. The children knocked on the chosen door, left the bag on the doorstep and then, ran away.

Their efforts have brought smiles and tears, not only to the people behind the doors they knock on, but to other people who have joined in in supporting them. It’s such a simple gesture; leaving behind a little love to someone who has it n short supply.

We started the Happy Community Project with the goal of supporting people who want to bring an extra bit of love to their community citizens. We are inspired by people like April, who without any support, have taken the initiative and brought greater caring throughout their communities. We know there are lots of people out there with great idea; people who just need a little support to put their idea into action.

Ideas that are hidden in the recesses of our hearts, when released upon our neighbours brings a great sense of satisfaction, a deep sense of happiness.

As we enter the Christmas season, I find it a great time to reflect on my own actions. I wonder how I can spread greater kindness and caring. How I can dig out hidden ideas and become a better and more consistent Kindness Warrior.

Thank you April for inspiring me. And Thank you to all those people who have supported the Happy Community Project in so many ways. You too have been the source of my hope, inspiration and motivation to keep on striving to make our world a little kinder.

May you enjoy and spread kindness every day throughout the coming year.

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