Thanks Giving Hope

Thanks Giving Thoughts

Thank Giving is a time to be grateful and hopeful. Lately I have been talking with young people about our future.

Young people are generally terrified for their future. They see the future as a dark place that they do not want to spend to much time thinking about. And who can blame them.

But our future doesn’t have to be so dark. At the Happy Community Project, I have been diligently trying to mitigate our children’s future. And I have found plenty to be grateful for and hopeful for.

Most people today recognize the challenges the future will bring and most people say they want a different outcome than the path we are on. They want a path where we embrace the values for Common Good which transcends environmental, community, political, technological, educational, legal and business domains.  They want us to strive for a higher purpose than economic growth and personal prosperity.

They want us to be safe, have enough, strong personal relationships, belonging and caring for each other.

Although most people want a different path, most people  are reluctant to make the personal changes required to put us on the path – that is unless they have strong leadership. They are waiting for the voice of leadership.

And that brings us to young people. People under 30 have the most at stake in our future. People between 12 and 30 years of age represent about ¼ of the worlds population. They are not as caught up in the struggle for working in the systems. They have the smarts and they have the voice to bring about the systemic changes required for a better future. And they have plenty of allies amongst those of us over 30 who share their concerns.  They can provide the leadership we need.

I am grateful for the young people who are taking a stand for making their future a brighter future. It isn’t just Greta Thunberg who is speaking out; University, High school and Junior High students are participating in rallies, engaging their parents  and creating clubs and organizations to take on the heavy hands of government and business.

I am truly grateful for the optimism, leadership and strength of our young people. They give us hope.




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