We Are Changing How the World Treats Communities

Something New is Coming

We are launching The Happy Community Builders Network

We are creating a magical place where literally, together, we can change how the world honours communities

Why are we Creating a New Platform?

You have told us you want to:

  • Meet other people who care about communities
  • Share ideas about making happier communities
  • Be part of a group of people like you who are making happier communities
  • Connect with individuals who share a common interest in community
  • Find resources that can help your community
  • Find ways to collaborate with other community builders

What will The Happy Community Builders Network do?

The Happy Community Builders Network will:

  • Bring people who care about community together from around the world
  • Enable you to create your own interest group – eg Intergenerational Connectedness Group or the Townville Happy Community Group
  • Access resources and training only available on this platform
  • Participate in live events or create your own live event
  • Tell people what you are doing, your success and challenges
  • Connect with people who understand community challenges
  • Belong to a community of community builders
  • Be part of the voice that changes the story that affects every community

Why is Belonging to The Happy Community Builders Network important?

You and I can bring together people who believe communities are fundamental to our happiness,

To meet others who believe the same thing, share ideas, and form action groups,

So that together we can change local and global community stories where Happy Communities are First Priority

Communities are fundamental to our sense of humanity. We need to build communities where:

We can live our personal sovereignty while enjoying:

  • Strong social connectedness
  • Belonging
  • Sufficiency
  • Meaning and
  • Caring

Together, we can change the stories that enables communities to be happy.


Join the Happy Community Builders now:



There are no fees – Only an honour system

Pay what you want, Pay what you can

It’s a platform designed for you, it’s unique in the world. It’s up to you to make it work for you.


Why do we have fees:

The simple answer is: It costs money to provide this platform and keep it exciting and useful for you. Your fees enable us to create something unique in the world where together we can change the world. We can change the world where doing good is valued and where communities are honoured places that enhance our humanity.

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