Why Is the Happy Community Project a Success?

We are in an era where hope can be hard to find. Yet hope is essential to our sense of well-being and if we look carefully, we can find it all around us. We can see it every day in the kindness that strangers offer to each other. We can see it when people with strongly different viewpoints can come together and smile for each other in spite of their differences.

At the Happy Community Project, we have a Big Dream.  It offers hope for everyone who wants acceptance, belonging, and caring as part of their daily experience. Our Big Dream has the ambition for the well-being and happiness for all communities where we live. The Happy Community Project Big Dream offers more than hope; it provides the realization that hope can turn into reality.


We envision a future where communities provide a safe and supportive place for people and their children to know others’ care. They know they are accepted, and they know they are valued. These are the fundamental principles for deep, contented happiness, and on this foundation, communities thrive economically, socially, and mentally.     

Our big dream is that enough communities embrace these principles that they reshape our world to a more caring and connected world where citizens can experience happiness.     

What makes our Big Dream more than just nice words?

We have proven that it can be more than a dream, it can be reality. We proved in 8 communities on 3 continents, that ordinary citizens can transform their communities to be well-being, resilient, and Happy communities where connectedness, belonging, and caring transcend differences.

Why does it work?

We believe in the power of the human spirit.

We believe that the human spirit is a powerful force for good. We believe that human nature is one where looking out for each other trumps greed and selfishness. We believe that when human nature is given the space and opportunity to thrive, it will rise above the chaos and bring out our best. And we believe the power is in our own hands to create these spaces and opportunities.

But belief and hope are not enough, and that is why we focus on action. Results matter.

To get results that actually make a difference, doing the right things matter.

So, at the Happy Community Project, we have developed a vision, mission, and values document that is much more than words. We use this document every day to guide our actions. And because we stay true to our Big Dream and values, others take notice and like what they see.

In recent months, we have attracted a strong team of highly-skilled people who believe in the dream and are aligned with our values. And so they are generously offering their expertise and coming together as a powerful team so that we can help communities everywhere to transform their community into a Happy Community.

Ask us how we can enable hope and transformation in your community.

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