Happy Community Project is now a Reality

We now have three Happy Community Projects.

 It started as a BHAG idea in January. The goal is to create a process where every community can increase their capacity for wellbeing and resiliency. In only 4 months the Happy Community Project has grown to 3 communities and has taken on a life of its own. There is hope that we can all live in a Happy Community and shape our own destinies.

In the last couple of weeks lots has happened. We are staring a new Happy Community Project in Halifax’s Hydrostone North, Sackville is implementing Action Groups that are bringing citizens together, Windsor is reaching out across demographics and we are launching our weekly radio show. Not bad for a crazy idea that our communities can be about happiness.

Here is some of what has happened at what seems like the speed of light.

Hydrostone North Happy Community Project is launching .

It’s exciting – Hydrostone North is our Read the rest

The Happy Community Gets Stronger

The Happy Community Project continues to gain energy and momentum.

It’s thrilling to be part of making the world a happier place. There is so much happening, so much energy and so much interest.

97.5FM Community Radio has offered us a ½ hour weekly show.

On the Happy Community show, we can put life to the principles that make communities happy and talk about the real-world experiences of communities that are embracing their own Happy Community Project. We will be broadcasting to 400 thousand listeners around the world.  Be sure to stay tuned in.

The Sackville Community Project is moving into high gear.

On April 5th the Sackville Happy Community Project made two important decisions.

·         They decided to build a network that connects every citizen in Sackville to the Happy Community Project.

·         They partnered a shared objective with the Sackville Community Food Garden to piloy the Happy Community Project way of doing things to strengthen Read the rest

Happy Community Project Gains Momentum


Making the World Happy

Lots is happening at Reshaping Our World.

More and more research is stating that real happiness only comes when we are connected with people we can touch. Handshakes, pats on the back and hugs are an important part of our knowing we belong, feel safe and are doing something meaningful and can’t be replaced by an emoticon.

The Happy Community Projects

The Happy Community Projects are gaining traction. They are increasing both the depth and breadth of our social connections in communities. When we live, work and play in communities where we enjoy strong social networks, then we can also know that we are there to take care of each other. It’s in that kind of environment that we can find real happiness, happiness that is deep rather than superficial and fleeting.

So here is what is happening.

The Sackville Happy Community Project

After only 4 meetings, the Sackville Happy Community Project is making big decisions … Read the rest