We’re the Happy Community Project: providing the tools communities need to change from “What happened to us?” to “What a great place to live!

Communities are changing.

Our communities used to be places where everyone knew one another, and you didn’t have to look far to find a helping hand. We understand that the story has been changing. Do any of these situations sound like your community? There is a sense of divisiveness in the community.

  • Neighbours don’t know each other like they used to.
  • If you need help, will someone notice and show up?
  • People are wary of each other.
  • It feels like we are losing our sense of community.
  • I live amongst strangers.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Happy Community Project can help you make a difference. It’s time to champion that heritage and reforge the social connections that small towns need to thrive once again.  


Here at the Happy Community Project, we have three ways Volunteers, leaders, advocates and activist can build a better tomorrow.

Coffee Connections: a monthly meetup for those who want more from their community

Wish you had a way to meet like-minded people to talk about where you live and how it could improve?

You are not alone. Our free monthly online ‘meeting’ connects you to people who share your same interests and  concerns around community. Facilitated by our founder Barry, our discussions help you:

  • Share your ideas and hear ideas from others
  • Learn from experts
  • Find resources and share your knowledge/experience

Happy Community Builders: the world’s first network designed for those that build communities up

“Builders” are what we call ordinary citizens and professionals who want to make positive change in their communities. But we know changing the status quo can be a tough. Our network offers:

  • Connection to others who understand
  • Access to resources to empower your goals
  • Sharing of ideas with other people doing similar things
  • Relief knowing  you are doing things the best way

Happy Community Training Program: turn your big idea into even bigger community change

Our at-your-pace training program leads you through our effective framework that covers:

  • How to come up with (or improve) an idea to transform your community into a better place.
  • Work with your community and existing resources to
  • Inspire engagement, set up your Core Group and promote your cause.
  • Build sustainability into your movement to insure it’s continued impact.

Why this is important.

Thought leaders are telling us that our humanity’s survival depends on communities where we no longer just look out for our self, we look out for each other. They also say this is the true path to happiness.

We can ignore them. After all, right now most of our personal lives are still pretty good. But what are the lives of our children and grandchildren going to be like 20 years from now?

We can hope or we can do something about it. Yes -the problems seem big. But much of the solution is actually quite simple. Collectively, we can make a difference. And the bonus, actively doing something about it makes us feel good.

Whether you are a man or a woman, rich or poor, privileged or not, educated or not, you can make a difference.

We will help you find the path forward.

Who are the people behind Happy Community Project?

The Happy Community Project is run by a number of volunteers interested in improving local communities around the world. What started as a repeatable framework offered to citizens to change their communities has grown into an international movement.

We have helped citizens launch our program in Windsor Nova Scotia, Halifax Nova Scotia and Kolkata India amongst many others.

It is a proven process supported with the Happy Community Project Training Program. It can work in communities that want stronger social connections and belonging and deeper culture of citizens taking care of each other.

It prepares the community to roll with the punches and come up smiling in an age of disruption. It is the best legacy we can leave our children.
Will it work in your community? The Happy Community Project has been recognized by academics, politicians and ordinary citizens for getting results beyond expectations across diverse communities.

We provide the Happy Community Training Program and support; the community does the work and determines the outcome.

Abe Zebian

The Happy Community Project is bringing people out, getting people involved, turning negatives into positives. When you see 20,000 people taking a negative tone and now taking a positive tone, that’s remarkable.

Abe ZebianWarden, Municipality of the District of West Hants, NS
Anna Allen

The Happy Community Project has encouraged a lot of people in our community to get involved and to make things happen and to not sit back and let others do it.

Anna AllenMayor of Windsor, NS
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