Resources To Improve Your Community

When citizens, activists, advocates and community leaders are provided the right resources… they can change the world!

Communities are fundamental to our sense of wellbeing – humanity has lived in villages forever. Villages provide us with our basic needs: friendship, companionship, shared work, safety, belonging and a sense of purpose. From the beginning of time, it was everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the well being of the community.

Nothing has changed today.

It is everyone’s responsibility – and each of us can do something within our means. Thank you for exploring how you can help your community with our resources.

The Secret to Recruiting Volunteers (and Keeping Them!)

A free guide on how to get people onboard for your cause,  initiative or rally… and keep them.

Find out why people really volunteer and what you need to do to insure they stay (the answer may surprise you). No matter if you need 5 people or 500, this free guide is for you.

Take The Happy Community Quest

Wondering if you’re ready to help your community achieve the vision you have in mind? Curious what sort of initiative that would require? Take the Happy Community Quest! A fun and easy 5 minute self-assessment to help you understand your strengths and areas of opportunity around effective change.

Cover of "Reshaping Community: What happens when citizens decide to be a Happy, Caring and Thriving Community" book

Reshaping Community: What happens when citizens decide to be a Happy, Caring and Thriving Community

In a world of increasing social isolation and declining community, what happens when community citizens choose to strengthen their social connectedness, belonging and a culture of caring? Here are the stories of twenty people of how they became a happy Community and what impact it had on their personal lives and their community.

Fadila Chater & Barry Braun

Want more resources? Happy Community Builders is an international network with a rich members-created resource centre

Happy Community Builders is a private space to connect, share, and co-create in a sandbox of ideas. In this sandbox, community builders can improve their performance today, while empowering their vision to change tomorrow.

Live & On-Demand Workshops

Get hands-on skills and do deeper work by learning from other community change makers showcasing their expertise and experience. Access to them is 24/7 for your own convenience. Some topics covered include:

  • Marketing : Ethical way of creating awareness for your project – By Alison Knott
  • Community Development
    • How to make real change in communities – By Matthew Maynard
    • How to Build a Happy Community – By Barry Braun
  • Presentation Skills: the Modern way of making presentations that persuade -By Joe Popovitch
  • Group Development: Prosocial – the simplest and most effective way to build group consensus- By Bruce Dienes
  • Volunteers: The Secrets to attracting volunteers in a world of declining volunteerism – By Barry Braun

Tools To Increase Positive Outcomes

Who doesn’t love a good template, guide or reading material to help with the success of their project or initiative? We’re constantly adding to a repository of tools to help you achieve your mission:

  • Recommended Reading Library: find the right books, articles, studies and whitepapers to validate your work and deepen understanding.
  • Forms: save time and stay organized with forms created by and for community leaders, advocates and volunteers.
  • Frameworks: don’t reinvent the wheel – access helpful frameworks to add context and encourage people into action.
  • Grants: ways to find finding for your initiative, and helpful input from others who have applied for similar things.

How do you access these resources?

Every week, new resources are added. Our members include experts in many disciplines related to community development and the support they need. Getting your hands on these valuable resources is simple – Join Happy Community Builders and you will get free access to these resources and much more.

  • Participate in Group Discussions
  • Connect with other community developers from the concerned citizen wanting to do something to world class experts.
  • Play in the happy Community Sandbox and co-create new ways of thinking about solving community social issues and building connected, belonging and caring community
  • Join special interest groups like Isolation and loneliness, intergenerational connectedness, First Nation talking circle and more.
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