Happy Community Project is now a Reality

We now have three Happy Community Projects.

 It started as a BHAG idea in January. The goal is to create a process where every community can increase their capacity for wellbeing and resiliency. In only 4 months the Happy Community Project has grown to 3 communities and has taken on a life of its own. There is hope that we can all live in a Happy Community and shape our own destinies.

In the last couple of weeks lots has happened. We are staring a new Happy Community Project in Halifax’s Hydrostone North, Sackville is implementing Action Groups that are bringing citizens together, Windsor is reaching out across demographics and we are launching our weekly radio show. Not bad for a crazy idea that our communities can be about happiness.

Here is some of what has happened at what seems like the speed of light.

Hydrostone North Happy Community Project is launching .

It’s exciting – Hydrostone North is our newest Happy Community Project. Pauline and Charles are bringing the HCP processes to this unique, dynamic community in the North end of Halifax full of diversity, established cultural history and active community groups. They are bringing the HCP processes to their community so that an already strong and vibrant community can become even more vigorous through social connections. We are holding the founding meeting on June 13.


The Sackville Happy Community Project has taken several big steps forward.

·         The Core group has decided to hold a soft launch to introduce the Happy Community Project to the citizens of Sackville in early June. Planning is underway and likely involves some food and maybe music. Next planning meeting May 17

·         Ange and Jannaya initiated f a unique project for building social connections.  They are launching the best Sackville Recipe project in collaboration with the Sackville Community Garden. Talks are under way. There is a hint that the launch event may involve some amazing food and fun.

  • .     Sackville Community Food Garden is holding their launch event May 20th 11AM – 1PM – lots of fun and food where people come together to make connections.

·         Ashley, Jim and Barry are finalizing the plans for launching the Happy Community radio show in early June. This is a radio show that reaches an audience of 400,000 people both by traditional radio and internet radio on 97.5 FM. Stay tuned for details of content and times.

The Windsor Story Circle

Citizens come together from all walks of life and ages. They get to know each other through exchanging stories of adventure, love, experiment, history and laughter – lots of laughter. Nathaniel and his continuing experiments of fire, Dave on the mishaps adventures on Fogo Island, and Jan with tales of love and forgotten Electric Cities.

An Inspirational Experience  

Through all these experiences, it is awe inspiring and amazing to witness the spirit, the good will, the energy, the creativity, the love, the initiative and the creativity that exists within our communities. It is thrilling to witness how prejudices, sadness and loneliness are replaced with empathy, hope and understanding, how eyes light up and how new relationships are bonded when people do stuff together.

If you are curious, join one of our meetings

Sackville May 17

Windsor May 18

Hydrostone North June 13

or reach out to me with thoughts or questions.

I’d love to hear from you


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