5 Great Projects that are changing West Hants Windsor

Community Market

Windsor has the oldest agricultural fair in North America and is a Market Center and is filled with talented artisans and crafters. It only makes sense that we should have a vibrant Community Market that provides an opportunity for every one to have easy access to the best of our community.

Tour de Hants

What a great idea for people getting together in active living and experiencing the rich cultural and historical aspects of our community. Every month, there will be a walking, hiking, biking, snowshoeing event that takes us to hidden corners. The first one is January 20th at Castle Frederick Farm

Welcome Newcomers

This project has the goal of making it easy to belong to our community. Welcome Newcomers makes it easy for people new to our community to integrate into our economic and social fabric and meet people who can become life long friends.

Food Hub

The food hub has two ambitious projects on the go – a community kitchen and a community garden. There is nothing better to connect people together then doing things together around food, whether it is growing it, preparing it or eating it.

Social Hub

The Social Hub has become a reality. Under the brand name MAKERS, they have signed the lease and are currently renovating their building on Gerrish Street. MAKERS is a gathering place, a place for the intergenerational exchange of knowledge and a retail space for crafters and artisans. MAKERS is aiming for March 1st for their grand opening and will transform the feel and activity of downtown Windsor and be a social gathering place for all of West Hants.

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  1. Robert Miller
    Robert Miller says:

    Re. community garden: With the production from Kathy Monroe’s horses in Belmont I can deliver horse manure to fertilize a community garden. There would be no charge. Contact has been made to deliver to a community garden in Sackville. Horse manure does not burn crops as chicken manure can, is easier to handle than cow manure, and has little smell. It composts quickly or can be dug into the soil when fresh with good results.


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