How West Hants is doing something special

60 People are making our Community Happy

On November 30th, 60 people came together for an evening of inspiration and energy. They are turning the Best Ideas into real projects where we all can do things together.

Here is what has happened so far

>The Happy Community West Hants Facebook Group has attracted 338 members who are sharing ideas with the rest of the community approximately 100 times a week.
>Our local email list has grown to 142 active participants. Combined that means over 400 people have opted in to engage with the Happy Community Project.
>The Happy Community project in West Hants – Windsor has attracted 4 media events including CBC Radio, Chronical Herald and Hants Journal
102 people are rolling up their sleeves to put the Best Ideas projects into action .
>The Ellershouse Breakfast which was slated for closure attracted 36 new volunteers so that it will remain a strong institution in West Hants
> The 5 Best Idea projects have strong leadership teams that are implementing their projects starting   January  2018
> Farmers Market Action Group is finalizing plans, contacting vendors, negotiating with landlords for a launch in the downtown Windsor area in spring 2018
> Food Hub Action Group is exploring two projects – a central community kitchen and a community garden. There are about 20 people working with determination and vision to implement these projects before spring 2018.
> Tour de Hants grew from a crazy idea to having about 15 people working on plans to hold monthly active transportation events in West Hants that not only involve hiking, walking, biking etc but is coupled with exploring our rich cultural history. The first one is schedule at Castle Fredericks for January 2018.
> Welcome Newcomers is championed by Tom Calkin who has engaged a team plus the Gyro Club to initiate a three point strategy for welcoming newcomers to our community. Newcomers can attend social events to make social connections, they are welcomed by Welcome Wagon to familiarize them with our businesses and they are familiarized with all the social and service clubs operating in West Hants Windsor.
> The Cultural Social Hub has a strong leadership team that is planning to set up a financially sustainable facility in the core area of Windsor that will provide opportunities for citizens to engage intergenerational learning, cultural activities and social engagement.

Success Breeds Success

New project ideas are being generated every week. Here is a sample of some of the ideas:
player piano downtown (In our last meeting, it looks like we found a piano), a monthly seniors mixer/speed dating, yoga Tai Chi on the waterfront, community help for stray and abandoned cats, kids wilderness training, local pet therapy for schools during exam week, communal dog walking group, Cycling group, help for seniors (shovelling shopping etc) Community Garden at Windsor Elms, Community Garden Brooklyn,  tool swap, bike rentals, community picnic, winter fest, save our cultural heritage.

West Hants – Windsor is being put on the map

We are being recognized as an innovative community that is solving some of the biggest challenges that many communities face – how to have a community where citizens a proud and feel their community is important. What is happening in West Hants – Windsor is being noticed by the media (4 articles so far) and by other municipalities (8 inquiries from other municipal leaders and leader citizens)

This is happening because West Hants / Windsor citizens are saying ‘we should….” and then doing something about it. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s inspiring. You can be part of it too.

Join us January 10th at the Windsor Community Center.

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