Farmers Market Nov 30 Minutes

Happy Community Project – Farmers Market
November 30th, 2017


Adrienne Wood
Holly Lothian
Katie Andrews
Jamie Cornetta
Barry Braun
Anne Riley
Tara Gibbon
Monique Wood
Catherine Manning
Katie Godon
Steven (I did not write down your last name, sorry)
Regrets: Dianne Levy


1) Identify space
2) Cost/Expenses – Grants
3) Vendors
4) Marketing – Manager, volunteers

Old Business:

Avon Christmas Market – this market was a great success with almost 40 vendors. The market was enthusiastically supported by the community with some vendors selling out. There was a call for vendors online. The market was to be held at Victoria Lane, however with the weather it was moved to the mall. The Community Centre provided the table and chairs.
Vendors – Vendor list provided by Katie Andrews.

New Business:

Location: Adrienne discussed location ideas.
-Exhibition grounds
-Boat House – old location
-Scotia Bank Mall – This is the location of interest. Adrienne will be chatting with Parsons in regards to this space
-Storage building near Community Centre – used for storage of campers etc. in the winter
-Community Centre – This location is not available


-The time of the market was discussed. Sunday 10:00-2:00pm was agreed on as this is before and after church in Windsor and this market would not have to compete with other markets. This can be a trial time.
-Nova Scotia Farmers Market – existing market was a member and established a cooperative. This cooperative was not renewed for this year.
-Space rental
-Chairs/tables – There was an idea raised for the vendors to provide their own table. Possible discount in table fee for first market, to cover the cost of table for the vendor
-Clean-up space – youth volunteers could help with this
-Marketing and signage
-Entertainment – Youth opportunities
-Department of Health
-Food safety – If selling packaged food, a food handlers course and permit is required by vendor, this needs to be visible, handwashing stations are required. This could be purchased by the market or provided by vendors.


-Email Newsletter
-Flyers, bulletin boards, Hants Hospital, School
-Social Media
-Signage – existing banner held by Jamie. Speed pro has Windsor Farms Market logo on file.
Market Manager:
-15-20 hrs/week
-Contact for the market, marketing, coordination of events and vendors, collection of payment and receipts
-Town of Windsor summer students could help with market projects
-Possible grant to pay manager
-Suggestion to interview for manager
-Suggestion to create a board for the Farmers Market
-NSCC – marketing class could help with project
-Co-op/Agriculture class at high school – could help with market and volunteering


Places to look for grants:
-Community Health Board
-Town of Windsor
-Municipality of West Hants
-Select Nova Scotia
-Farmers Market of Nova Scotia
-Farm Credit Canada

Name Change:

-Members will think about a new name for the market prior to next meeting
Action Items:
1. Market Manager Grants/general grants available – Holly Lothian
2. Contact Farm Markets of Nova Scotia – Jamie Cornetta
3. Contact Parsons about the mall location – Adrienne Wood
4. Contact Town about possibility of public washrooms on the waterfront – Steven
5. Think about the name of the market… Avon Community Market, Windsor Community Market, Community Market – everyone!
6. Handwashing station – Katie Godon
7. Grants for public washrooms through downtown enhancement society – Adrienne Wood
Important Dates: Wednesday, January 10th – Next Meeting

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