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West Hants/ Windsor is inspiring other communities

People in other communities can’t believe how much is happening so fast with so much energy because of the Happy Community Project.

Watch this video that captures the spirit of why they are inspired. 

What we are doing is just plain awesome.


Five projects are well under way and new ones are already being born.

For example, the Farmers Market has been attracting new people who have been inspired to help make it the success it can be. Adrienne, Steph and Kim have generated a lot of energy around this.

The Tour de Hants has also sparked the imagination of others. I have gotten inquiries from as far as way as Mount Uniacke in how to co-operate with the Tour de Hants Project. Thank you Willard for leading the way. On this.

In our first meeting, Tom slipped me a note suggesting we have a project to welcome newcomers to our community. He presented to this idea to the Windsor International Gyro Club who have adapted it as their contribution to making West Hants a more socially connected community. They are initiating three action points that will help newcomers quickly integrate into our community.

The Community Food Hub / Kitchen has inspired others to think about what else we could do. I am getting a steady stream of ideas people want to put forth to make our community the strong socially connected community it wants to be. One of these happy Community ideas came from Tarah for a street piano in downtown Windsor. What a great idea for creating spontaneous connections.

This is our community.

There is no ‘they’, there is only ‘we’. It is our responsibility to make it the kind of community we want. I am so proud of my community, how people have come forward and provided leadership, energy and support. It costs nothing, there are no big obligations and it is so rewarding to be part of the action.

There is room for a lot more ideas and a lot more people to be involved with the happy Community Project. In fact, the whole idea is there is room for all 15,000 of us.

Please share the news with others and invite them to join the Happy Community Project- West Hants  Facebook Group and come to the next Happy Community Project meeting November 30th at the Windsor Community Center 7:00PM.

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